Vaping Industry Leader Ritchy Group Releases Classified Data
22 oktober, 2019 in
Vaping Industry Leader Ritchy Group Releases Classified Data
Smoke4Fun BV, Roy van der Leeuw

The company has decided to publish all product components used in Liqua and Aramax e-liquids, and invites all professional vaping manufacturers to join this movement and publicly share internal data with consumers, media and industry professionals

PRAGUEOct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ritchy Group, a leading European e-liquid manufacturer, today made public the comprehensive list of components used in e-liquids to provide detailed information to consumers after the recent Lung Injury Outbreak in United States. Ritchy Group also disclosed its manufacturing quality standards and control procedures available at

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"For the last 10 years we believe in transparency and we are confident that our vaping products are among the world's most verified," said Max Kosenko, CEO of Ritchy Group Ltd. "We are taking the first step by publicly sharing all the components in our products so that anyone can verify their safety. We invite other responsible manufacturers to follow our steps and share their data. Together we can improve rational discussion with the public and regulators about future of industry with potential to significantly reduce the impact of the most harmful habit nowadays."

Ritchy is committed to continue sharing even more details about products and components in the near future. It's time for the vaping industry to become more open and we encourage other vaping manufacturers to sign an open policy letter available on Ritchy's website and confirm their commitment to the quality control and full transparency.

About Ritchy Group:

Ritchy Group Ltd. is a privately held global technology and innovation company in the electronic cigarettes and e-liquids industry. Since 2009 it has been offering alternative solutions to adult smokers in more than 85 countries. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, and Shenzhen, China, Ritchy has professional teams in North AmericaEuropeChina and Russia who are driving LIQUA and ARAMAX trademarks business development.

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Vaping Industry Leader Ritchy Group Releases Classified Data
Smoke4Fun BV, Roy van der Leeuw 22 oktober, 2019
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